Running a Practice

The Most Important Things to Consider When Starting a Dermatology Practice
Start up
by Next Steps In Derm Team on
Setting up a new dermatology practice is a challenge, regardless of where you are in your career, whether it be straight out of residency or several years later. My goal is to offer you several tips to help you understand the various activities involved and the most critical steps in the process as well the costs. Setting up your own practice involves many steps and decisions, but it’s best to g …
Starting a Solo Practice
private practice
The evolving healthcare environment has led to a decrease in the percentage of dermatologists in solo private practice, dropping from 44% in 2007 to 35% in 2014.1 However, if you decide that solo practice is the right fit for you,2 it can still be done! You matched in dermatology; therefore, you have more than enough ability to run a private practice. Six years into solo practice, the best piece o …
Dear Derm Authority: How Do I Best Use Social Media to Build my Practice?
social media
by Kim Campbell on
Using social media to engage current and prospective clients is fast becoming a non-negotiable part of marketing. At the same time, it can become overwhelming to know where to begin or how to approach some of the different platforms. The best way to use social media to build your practice is in providing valuable information, and other content that relates to your business or services. Boos …
Tales From the Office: Hypothesis Never Retested
I saw a young man for eczematized tinea pedis. I prescribed Castellanbi's paint. He returned for his follow up, and was pleased that he was much better. I asked how often he was applying the medication and he looked at me quizzically.  He said he wasn't putting the liquid on - he was taking it orally. Frantically fearing that I had mis-written the prescription, I asked …
Real Advice for Dermatology Career Progression
Here is the best advice we could find to help make the transition from residency to the real world of dermatology a little easier. The dermatology practice has grown more complex since I graduated residency and began practice in 1984.  But it has also become more dynamic. We all have learned to grow and evolve with the changes. However, it could have been a little easier if I had known a few …