Tales From the Office: Hypothesis Never Retested

Tales from the Office

I saw a young man for eczematized tinea pedis. I prescribed Castellanbi’s paint.

He returned for his follow up, and was pleased that he was much better.

I asked how often he was applying the medication and he looked at me quizzically.  He said he wasn’t putting the liquid on – he was taking it orally. Frantically fearing that I had mis-written the prescription, I asked to see the bottle, which fortunately he had with him. The label directions clearly stated “Apply to feet bid”.

Take home lesson: Apparently, Castellani’s is well tolerated and quite effective when taken orally. I never summoned the nerve to re-test this hypothesis.

Manfred S. Rothstein, MD, FAAD, FACP
MedOne Dermatology
Fayetteville, NC

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