> Starting and Running a Practice

Clinical Success and Ability to Build a Patient Base

Clinical success is a 2-step process.

To have clinical success, first, you have to be confident in your skill set. If you trust in your own knowledge base and technical skills, you will exude confidence and competence during every interaction with your patients. Patients will believe in you because you believe in yourself,and they will keep coming back to you because they trust they are in good hands. So step #1: get the training and experience you need; identify your strengths and focus on your weaknesses.

Once you believe in yourself, and you know you can deliver excellent results to your patients, then you’re ready for step #2: letting people know you exist. Building a patient base is about getting your name out there in your community as the local expert. Although marketing, PR and social media certainly don’t hurt when it comes to building a practice, I’ve found that the key to success is word of mouth. If you treat your existing patients well, they will tell friends and family about you, and that grapevine is invaluable.