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Consider Hiring a Practice Management Consultant

Scott Beals, DO
Dermatology Surgery Center-Crestview, Niceville, Andalusia
Crestview, FL

1. The most important thing I learned from starting a practice 10yrs ago, make an investment and get a good practice management consultant
2. Too many areas to consider when starting a practice
3. Start an electronic medical record
4. Keep up with medicare and government regulations
5. Get a high quality front office staff
6. You have too much to consider on the medical side to to devote on the practice side by yourself.

Stephen C. Ho, MD
AboutSkin Dermatology and Derm Surgery, PC
Boulder Colorado

1. Hire the right people for your office, take your time doing so
2. A good office manager is the key to a well run office
3. Make sure the person you hire fits with your practice style
4. A mentor is the best resource for advice and career going forward