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Gas and a Rash – Tales from the Office

The patient presented for a rash “down there”. She was in her 60’s and I asked her to lie on her back to examine her front side. After careful examination, I asked her to flip over on the table to exam the back side of her.

I had to pull apart her buttocks to get a better look at her anal mucosa as her chief complaint was pruritis.

As I approached her rear end the patient let out some gas. Some rather loud gas, yes, as my face was right there! My MA, desperately trying to keep her laugh quiet, had to leave the room. Meanwhile I am biting my tongue to not laugh out loud. My now mortified patient is in tears, apologizing immensely about how she was already so embarrassed of a rash in “that” area then she passed gas, literally right in my face. None the less, the patient was lost to follow up.

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