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I Wish I Had Known: Patient Experience

I wish I had known that cosmetic patients and Mohs patients are like oil and water sitting in the same waiting room

They do not mix well at all. In general, well-heeled, cosmetic-oriented people (mostly women) wish to wait with others who they can identify with. Often, Mohs patients are quite elderly with bandages on their faces. Which can be a frightening sight to the cosmetic patient. I would recommend that any resident who does a procedural derm and/or Mohs surgery fellowship think seriously about the layout of their future office. Aside from the main reception area, one can have two separate, smaller “inner” waiting rooms to separate these patients. Also, the reading materials in these areas and the TV/loop tapes can be tailored to the needs of the patients. With Mohs, you can educate patients about the dangers of the sun and the need for sun protection. In the cosmetic area, you want to educate by cross-marketing other cosmetic procedures the practice offers.

If one is in a smaller physical space that can’t allow for several waiting room areas, my advice is to schedule different days or times to avoid the mixing of the two types of patients. Furthermore, even the front desk will have an easier time collecting fees in the case of cosmetic patients vs. insurance-based medical procedures.