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I Wish I Had Known: Professional Networking

I wish I had known as a new post-graduate to surround myself with professional experts.

We are experts in our field so we should not settle for less in all the people we have working with us and for us. Consultants should be the top in their field. Often times we employ people who have business or management experience but are not experts. We may waste time, resources, and energy on people who represent well or look good on paper, but do not deliver the work product. Remember to:

  • Read CVs and resumes
  • Call on references
  • Seek legal expertise when setting up your medical practice
  • Employ financial advisors and accountants who have track records in medicine
  • Consult social media experts
  • Find an experienced medical/dermatology office manager
  • Hire an experienced dermatology medical biller
  • Employ a majority of experienced medical assistants

Whatever your practice and career goal may be, you get there more efficiently with top advisors as well as consultants. I also have learned to make all experts accountable. I personally oversee the metrics of every area of my private practice, which includes cosmetic dermatology, dermatologic surgery, medical dermatology, and dermatopathology. Review monthly report summaries and know your demographic, your referral patterns, top procedures, and practice composition. Having these foundational elements in the hands of qualified professionals helps us to more fully enjoy the wonderful practice of dermatology and medicine.