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I Wish I Had Known: Staff-Related Issues

When I first started my practice I had no idea how diplomatic I would have to be when working with staff issues.

Initially, I made many mistakes that translated to ruffled feathers. And a few staff members who left earlier than they should have.

While I can’t say that I always say or do the right things when staff-related issues occur, I have a much better working relationship with all my staff because I realize that they are an integral part of the patient care equation. With this as part of the calculus, I consult them more often, listen to them more readily, and approach situations more evenhandedly than when I first started my practice.

Above all, I try my best to avoid snap decisions, especially when I am tired or hungry.

Staffing problems or situations are often discussed either at the end of the morning (prior to lunch) or at the end of the day (after a long, tiring day). Instead, I now usually collect the information and ask to take time to reflect upon it, if the opportunity exists.

These practices have enhanced my ability to retain staff and keep them happy markedly. I hope you gain from these lessons I learned the hard way!