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Tales From the Office: Florida Fishing Tackle

While just starting practice, I was very excited when I was called to the nursing homes to see patients.

Here in Florida I often had many patients to see and had to be prepared. I drove to one of my homes. Slowly curving around a small lake populated by ducks and a pair of shiny white swans. I always enjoyed a chance to catch even a part of nature after being inside most of the day. I enjoyed fishing and usually kept a couple poles and a tackle box in the back of my car in case I found an opportunity. After I parked, I gathered my equipment, put it into a little blue cart that I pulled around when I saw patients, and headed inside.

After seeing five patients, the next on my list was a short woman named Betty, who was sitting up and reading, with what appeared to be a growth arising from the plane of her left forehead. As I arrived at the bedside, I said hello and evaluated her more closely. I realized Betty would need a shave biopsy for an apparent squamous cell cancer and got her consent. I prepared her, reached for my supply box and opened it. Much to my surprise, it was my fishing tackle box instead!! I excused myself, and quickly headed to my car. Luckily she had not seen the box contents. Within ten minutes I had returned and successfully removed the nasty growth!

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