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Tales From the Office: The Importance of “Electric-Lights”

An elderly gentleman from our rural office presented for a routine skin exam. He was anxious to tell me about a recent acute illness. Seems it made quite an impression on him. With an inward resignation, I leaned back against the counter to listen as it was obvious he had to talk about his recent medical adventure a bit before settling in for the exam. He became quite animated while gesturing to his abdomen and various parts of his arms and legs. He recounted the numerous trips to the doctor’s office and the lab. I continued to smile politely as my mind began to wander – until I heard him exclaim in a revelatory manner, “Yeah! It was because my doctor said my
‘electric-lights’ were off. Now that they are back on, I’m all better!”
It took me a moment to realize what he meant to say, and then to regain composure inwardly. I still managed to show empathy over his ahem…medical misadventure. I continue to smile over that one!

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