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Periungal Wart and a Colorectal Surgeon: Tales From the Office

I had a patient who was a 34 y/o male and presented with a periungual wart on his left index finger.

We tried many different modalities to destroy the wart but were unsuccessful. At the time a med school classmate who was a colo-rectal surgeon had started treating warts with a CO2 laser. I asked my pt to go see the colo-rectal surgeon for a consult to see if laser would help. He went for the appointment and the nurse had him disrobe completely put on a gown and lie down on the exam table in the prone jack knife position. The doctor came in and examined and probed the rectal area for 10 minutes and finally exclaimed to the patient that he could not find a wart. The patient held up his finger and shouted “It is right here doc”.