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Botulinum toxin is really the focal point of all successful cosmetic practices. In addition, it is the easiest to add to your practice and it is the one treatment that you should learn and know, even if you do not perform other cosmetic procedures.To go beyond mastering the basics, follow these steps:

1) Understand how to shape the brow, not just get rid of the lines.

2) Learn how to avoid a “spock” (surprised) look, and how to successfully correct it if it should occur.

3)Take care not to cause bruising, and care when it happens.

4) Do not overdo it, especially initially.

5) Have patients come back two weeks after their initial visit. You must make sure the results are up to their expectations. They may need further education if there is something that did not match up, or if they had less than optimal results you need to correct it. (If it was technique dependent).

Here are the steps on how you can become a good injector in
your practice:

1) Learn the anatomy of the facial muscles and how they are affected by botulinum toxin.

2) Get trained by someone who is willing to give you hands-on training experience and adopt whatever toxin they use and their dilution as a starting point.

3) Read and study the literature.

4) Visit experienced practitioners and watch their practice and flow.

5) Set-up a training day in your practice where you offer the treatment for cost for existing patients or family members of staff; let people know you are just starting out. Set-up at least 5-10 cases and see them all back at two weeks.

6) Repeat the hands-on training day at cost again in one month. The best way to get good at a procedure is to practice. The best way to acquire new patients to the practice is to offer a big discount.