Avoiding Pitfalls in Clinical and Pathological Correlation (CPC)
Clinical Pathological Correlation (CPC)
by Edita Newton, MD on
Histologic evaluation of tissue can often be an essential partner to the clinical evaluation in reaching an accurate diagnosis of skin disease. However, clinical pathologic correlation is key for this partnership to be helpful. At ODAC 2022, Dr. Olayemi Sokumbi, dermatologist and dermatopathologist extraordinaire, highlighted this challenge with striking cases demonstrating potential pitfalls and …
ODAC Pearls: Getting the Most out of Your Biopsies
by Dr. Misty Eleryan on
Getting the Most out of Your Biopsies - presented by Dr. Tammie Ferringer Pearls Submitted by Misty Eleryan Biopsies are a very important part of our practice as dermatologists. In order to get the most out of your biopsies for an accurate diagnosis, you must avoid some of the pitfalls that can result in delay of diagnoses or incorrect diagnoses. So, here are some things to consider. 1.) Wh …
Integrating Laser Hair Removal Into Your Practice: Pearls and Pitfalls
Laser Hair Removal
Patients often desire the removal of hair for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Shaving, waxing, or chemical depilatories have traditionally achieved temporary hair removal. Electrolysis provides permanent hair removal of individual hairs. However, to reduce hair from large areas for extended periods of time, laser hair removal has become more mainstream. Below are pearls and pitfalls of laser ha …
Things to Remember When Treating Acne Patients
Female Acne
by Next Steps In Derm Team on
Top things to remember when seeing acne patients: Expectations – remember acne is not just a disease of teenagers and can extend into adulthood, much more for females than males. It is very important to find out how much of a medication they are using and how frequently they are using it. Don’t make the treatment plan too complicated. I did this early on in my career and most patien …
How to Make Fillers Profitable for Your Business
Amy Taub MD
Fillers have a high disposable cost so they need to be priced accordingly to take into account your time and expertise. Also, there is a backend cost associated with their use. Usually after the first filler treatment patients will return for a follow-up visit—note, this visit should be complimentary. These visits are quite important for many reasons: 1. They give you feedback on your techniq …