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How to Make Fillers Profitable for Your Business

Fillers have a high disposable cost so they need to be priced accordingly to take into account your time and expertise. Also, there is a backend cost associated with their use. Usually after the first filler treatment patients will return for a follow-up visit—note, this visit should be complimentary. These visits are quite important for many reasons:

1. They give you feedback on your technique.

2. They provide an opportunity for your patient to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their treatment.

3. They allow you to educate your patient on what is possible as well as to correct a perceived less-than-optimal result.

Imagine that a patient is dissatisfied with their treatment. For example, the filler feels lumpy to the patient, as it has collected in an area with movement. What do you do? First, it is important to palpate the filled areas after a treatment to make sure they feel smooth, even from inside the mouth. If there are some “lumpy” areas, these can usually be corrected with a very firm massage. If there is an asymmetry or an area that seems too full to the patient, you may tell them to wait a couple of weeks after you massage it and, if it is still there, you can inject some hyaluronidase. The bottom line is that you need to work with the patient so they understand that you are on their side. If you do not see your patients post treatment, they might be telling their friends that you did a bad job when in fact their concern could have been addressed in in a brief consultation.

The more experienced you become, the happier your patients, and the fewer follow-ups and tweaks you will need to do. However, no matter how experienced you are, you will sometimes be presented with cases to correct. By preaching full corrections you are making the patient aware that what they want (often not really achievable) may be out of reach for them, and this may help them come to the realization that they may need to accept something less than perfect (for we all know there is no such thing as perfection).

One way to help build up a larger volume of filler cases is by implementing Injectable Filler Event Days, when a patient can have filler at a discount, for example, “Buy three and get one free,” or half off. There are multiple benefits to this approach: the patient is likely to get three or more syringes, which will yield a more noticeable result, which in turn will make them happier and leave them wanting repeat injections. Their friends will notice the improvement, which is a marketing benefit, and will reinforce the patient’s need to maintain their results.