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GW Resident Segment – December Edition with Dr. Shapiro

Question 1

In your JDD podcast interview, you mentioned that about 50-60% of your patients with LPP respond to naltrexone. Have you seen any similarities between these responders that could help dermatologists identify which patients would be good candidates for naltrexone as an adjunctive therapy?


“No I have not seen any similarities. The response is unpredictable.”


Question 2

What is one piece of advice for current residents and young dermatologists?


“Study as much as you can. Learn as much as you can. Find something that you are passionate about because that will help you find your niche in practice.”


Question 3

What is one book everyone should read?


“For a resource regarding hair, Hair Loss and Restoration (Shapiro and Otberg, 2015) and for dermatology in general, either Bolognia or Fitzpatrick’s.”