Mohs surgery – Friday Pop Quiz 9/16/2022
This patient calls the night before his Mohs surgery and is wondering whether he needs any antibiotics before his procedure tomorrow because he had knee replacements 3 months ago. Which of the following is the appropriate response? A. Advise him that he does not need any antibiotics B. Prescribe Cephalexin 2 gm PO x 1 an hour pre procedure C. Prescribe Clindamycin 600 mg PO x 1 an hou …
Antibiotics and Acne: the Bad, the Good, and the Brand New
Acne & Antibiotics
by James J. Contestable, MD on
Tomorrow when we arrive into clinic (or this afternoon if you are reading this during your lunch break), we will invariably be greeted with patients who struggle with one of the most common diseases we treat – acne.  More than likely, we will reach for topical retinoids, topical antibiotics, and the occasional systemic antibiotic.  Evidence supports the short-term use of systemic antibiotics t …