Papules – Friday Pop Quiz 7/26
papules pathology
A 34-year-old Caucasian female presents for evaluation of several skin-colored papules on the cheeks. She notes her mother and sister have similar findings. A biopsy is done and pathology results are shown below. Which of the following is true about this disorder? A. It is inherited in an X-linked recessive fashion. B. These patients should be referred to nephrology and pulmonology. C …
ODAC Pearls: Getting the Most out of Your Biopsies
by Dr. Misty Eleryan on
Getting the Most out of Your Biopsies - presented by Dr. Tammie Ferringer Pearls Submitted by Misty Eleryan Biopsies are a very important part of our practice as dermatologists. In order to get the most out of your biopsies for an accurate diagnosis, you must avoid some of the pitfalls that can result in delay of diagnoses or incorrect diagnoses. So, here are some things to consider. 1.) Wh …
Dear Derm Authority with Dr. Dendy Engelman
by Dr. Dendy Engelman on
What was the most important lessons I learned my first years out in practice? Keep your eyes open, figuratively of course. In the field of medicine, things are changing so fast (yet so slow) so keep your eyes open and absorb every bit of information. Just because residency is over, it doesn’t mean you’re done with learning. Every 8 years, the amount of medical information doubles, so you ha …