Contract Negotiation

The Right Questions to Ask When Negotiating a Contract
negotiating a contract
by Adam Friedman, MD on
At the conclusion of medical training, residents know so much about dermatology But usually not so much about negotiating their first contract. While academic contracts are usually pretty rigid, in private practice you need to be your own self advocate. Hire a contract lawyer (once again, don’t waste time/money for academic contracts). Don’t be afraid to ask the right questions. Being well-pr …
Roadmap for Residents Planning to Enter Academia Contracts: What to Do After Signing
Dermatology Resident Roadmap
Part 2 of 2 You’ve signed on the dotted line—you’re joining an academic dermatology department! Congratulations! This final part of the series will help guide you in shaping your early career. It’s critical to envision the kind of career you want and take steps to make it happen from day one while still staying open to unpredictable opportunities that arise. In addition to your dreams, …
Roadmap for Residents Planning to Enter Academia Contracts: What to Ask Before Signing
A. Yasmine Kirkorian
by Next Steps In Derm Team on
Part 1 of 2 So you’ve decided to start your career in academia? As a young attending nearly two years into my first academic job, I can confidently say that a career in academics is stimulating, exciting, and fun. I can also say that I felt unprepared for negotiating a job and then navigating the world of fiscal and academic productivity. A friend in academia once said: “Time, money, space� …