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Thinking of Starting a Derm Practice? Here is How!
Dermatology Practice
by Sang Kim, MD on
Starting a dermatology practice is a dream that many dermatologists share. The freedom to decide how and when you work, building a business, increasing physician autonomy, and starting a legacy are some attractive aspects of starting a practice. However, when taking in the immense burden of building a business, things can seem quite daunting and overwhelming. At the 2021 ODAC Dermatology, Aesthet …
Dermatology in the COVID-19 pandemic: Now and the future
COVID-19 In Dermatology
by Luke Josiah Maxfield, DO on
EPI Health has graciously supported the COVID-19 News and Resource Center. I, along with dermatology residents and dermatologists all over the country, have been watching the world leaders in our field as they try to keep a finger on the ever-changing pulse of the COVID-19 pandemic. For the dermatologist, we have either been forced into a technological world we had not yet fully embraced or we …