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Private Equity-Backed Model Concerns and How to Prevent Private Equity-Backed Consolidation
Private Equity in Dermatology SanovaWorks JAAD Sailesh Konda
by Sailesh Konda, MD, FAAD on
I am pleased to publish my second delivery in this 2-part series, offering our perspectives on private equity (PE) to residents and early career dermatologists reading Next Steps in Derm. In part 1 of my series, I provided an overview of the PE landscape in dermatology along with five out of ten concerns about PE-backed models. Herein, I will highlight the remaining 5 concerns about PE-backed mode …
The Landscape of Private Equity in Dermatology and Concerns About Private Equity-Backed Models
Corporatization and the Rise of Private Equity in Dermatology
by Sailesh Konda, MD, FAAD on
Next Steps in Derm is published by SanovaWorks. Private equity (PE) is one of the hottest topics in dermatology right now. I knew nothing about PE during my residency and fellowship training. I entertained the possibility of working for a PE-backed group after my fellowship training and even shortly thereafter. However, after talking to many colleagues, I saw the light and walked away from the …