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Dermatology KOLs on Becoming a Go-To Media Expert
Media Expert in Dermatology
by Allison Sit on
Dermatology KOLs Adam Friedman, MD and Joel L. Cohen, MD, and Heather Onorati, former dermatology magazine editor and managing editor for Pathogens and Immunity journal, share their expert advice on becoming a go-to media expert in the dermatology When Adam Friedman, MD, began his dermatology career, he made the most of every media opportunity that came his way. He sent reporters scientific pap …
Dos & Don’ts of Industry Relationships
industry relationships in dermatology
by Neal Bhatia, MD on
Unfortunately for many residency graduates, a lot of the decisions regarding interactions with industry such as pharmaceutical and medical device sales forces have been made into policies. These are often parallel to the strictures of parents attempting to shelter their children from what is socially perceived as “evil” or “influential,” and in many instances has led to the development …
So you want to become a KOL?
Becoming a KOL
Many dermatologists wonder how best to become a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) or Thought Leader.  While there is no right or wrong way to accomplish this, following are some thoughts on ways to go about it. Ways to Enhance Your Reputation and Become a KOL It is important to have an opinion. This may seem obvious, but many individuals who want to be well thought of avoid expressing any opinion that …