Joining a Practice

Two Things to Consider Before Joining a Practice
daniel zaghi mdAs someone who joined an established dermatology group, I am thankful for the advice I received prior to making the decision to do so. Whether you are joining an academic department, a large hospital group, or a private multi-provider group, there are a number of factors to consider. Here are two absolutely critical considerations: Colleagues Ask yourself if you want to work with these peopl …
daniel zaghi md
Why I Joined an Existing Dermatology Practice
Sabrina FabiWhy I Joined a Practice Whether you join an existing practice or go solo, the decision is a personal one. Each has its pros and cons depending on: the person who has to make the decision; the options one has of practices to join based on geographical location; whether the practice is academic, private or multi-specialty; and the personalities unique to that individual practice.   When so …
Sabrina Fabi