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Patient Buzz Series: Skincare Product No-Nos
by Allison Sit on
Mistakes when using skincare products is a common theme among the articles in this month’s Patient Buzz. What happens when cleansing oils are applied to wet skin? Is bar soap good for the face? Does menthol help or hurt chapped lips? Is the sunscreen in a facial moisturizer enough to protect the skin? Be prepared for your patients’ questions, including how to use skincare products, by revie …
An Update on Rhinophyma
by Kimberly Huerth, MD, M.Ed on
Gin nose. Gin blossom. Rum nose. Rum blossom. Brandy nose. Copper nose. Hammer nose. Potato nose. These are some of the disparaging terms that were once used to describe people suffering from rhinophyma. As can be seen, many imply the use of alcohol by the afflicted, which is sadly yet another example of the victim-shaming we so often observe when someone’s appearance or choices make others unco …
JDD November Editor Picks: Laser, Lights Sources, and Devices
JDD Lasers Lights Sources and Devices
Below are the issue highlights and editor picks for the November issue of JDD!   This month's Special Topic: Lasers, Light Sources, and Devices. Microablative fractional resurfacing with the DOT laser enables treatment with short post-procedure recovery time and very low incidence of AE’s in The Safety of Laser Skin Resurfacing With the Microablative Carbon Dioxide Laser and Review of the …