Got a Difficult Patient? Here’s What to Do!
difficult patients
by Kimberly Huerth, MD, M.Ed on
A career in medicine starts with a vision of what it will be like to be a doctor—making a difference in the world, doing genuine good, helping people heal, or fostering dignity and compassion for those who are facing the end of their days. The privilege and ability to do these things for others comes at a great personal and financial cost. But we keep our gazes turned to the delayed gratitude we …
Treating Pruritus: Well…It’s Complicated!
by Caroline Laggis, MD on
Over 350 years Dr. Samual Hafenreffer first defined itch as the “unpleasant sensation that provokes a person to scratch”. Pruritus has been challenging to treat ever since. Pruritus is complicated, and it’s often hard to know where to start when a patient has a chief complaint of itching. Thankfully, Dr. Friedman gave the audience some practical tips for diagnosing and treating pruritus at t …
Q & A Recap with Dr. Jeremy Brauer
emerging therapies
Our Next Steps readers had the opportunity to ask Dr. Jeremy Brauer questions on new technologies, emerging therapies, and the art of communicating complex medical procedure to patients. See all his insightful answers below. I’m a recently graduated dermatology resident who just joined a private practice group where the majority of the procedures I perform are cosmetic. What is your advice for …
Patient Buzz: Should Dermatologists Recommend Hyaluronic Acid Supplements?
Hyaluronic Acid
by Allison Sit on
The Expert Weighs In In a recent interview on Good Morning America, dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe mentioned hyaluronic acid (HA) supplements as a possible treatment to moisturize dry skin. Since Dr. Bowe said research on these supplements is preliminary, how should you respond if a patient asks about oral HA? For an expert opinion, I consulted Wendy E. Roberts, MD, a dermatologist in private …
Recap – Ask a Mentor: Dr Doris Day
Medical Journalism
Building a Career in Aesthetic & Laser Dermatology, Medical Journalism, and Becoming a Published Book Author Our Next Steps readers had the opportunity to ask Dr. Doris Day questions on building a career in aesthetic and laser dermatology, medical journalism, and becoming a published book author. See all her insightful answers below 1. As an accomplished author, what advice do you have for t …