The Five Cardinal Rules of Finding a Mentor Part 2 – Sealing the Deal
This is the second article in the two-part series about the five cardinal rules of finding a mentor. In part one, I discussed rules one and two: be honest and fearless. Read on to learn how to seal the deal by following cardinal rules three, four, and five which cover the importance of being open-minded, putting in the effort, and embracing the ‘now.’ 3. Be open-minded. Sure, you may have …
A Day in the Life of a Dermatology Research Fellow
by Azam Qureshi, MD on
Introduction I am honored to have been invited to contribute to Next Steps in Derm!  My name is Azam Qureshi and I recently completed a year working as a dermatology research fellow.  I completed my fellowship between my third and fourth years of medical school. I hope that speaking about my experiences as a research fellow and prospective dermatology trainee will contribute to provide a valuab …
The Cardinal Rules of Finding a Mentor: Part One
Finding a Mentor
Isn’t There an App for This?! Finding a Mentor in the Time of Tinder From our first hand held on the playground and our braces-clanking first kiss, all the way to that potential walk down the aisle. Every tear-filled break-up, steamy night, or dating mishap in between. We spend an incredible amount of time finding that perfect mate. We embrace the struggles of dating and let’s face it, they b …