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Suncare Sunday: Sunburn Facts
by NeutrogenaMD on
On this Suncare Sunday: Sunburn Facts, we share newly published data from the CDC showing sunburn incidence in adults and teens, sun exposure behaviors and sun protection basics: Sunburn incidence in adults remains high: 34% of adults report experiencing at least 1 sunburn each year1 Half were outside for more than 1 hour between 10 and 4 pm2 Only 5% reported they were tryin …
It’s Mnemonic Monday! UVA Chemical Blockers
UVA Blockers
On this Mnemonic Monday, we challenge you to remember UVA blockers that are Chemical or Organic compound with the following mnemonic: UVA BEAM Benzophenones (ex: Oxybenzone)   Ecamsule (aka: Mexoryl SX)  Avobenzone (Parsol 1789)  Methyl anthranilate Click HERE to download or print your mnemonic card.   Study More! Need a refresher on sunscreens? Check out page 406 of yo …
The Science of Sun Protection: A JDD Dermatology Podcast Recap
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by James J. Contestable, MD on
A patient in my clinic was recently prescribed 5-fluorouracil for severe photodamage, diffuse actinic keratoses. He is 24 years old and, unfortunately, lacked knowledge about photoprotection.  It was sobering to think about how much longer he has to live and the damage already done. Strides have been made over the years in educating our patients about photoprotection, but recently, patients have …