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The Opposite of Burnout
The Many Faces of Burnout
by Andrea Murina, MD on
Burnout can take many shapes and forms, and often times, identifying the risk factors leading up to it can be tricky. This series will explore the many faces of burnout by offering different perspectives from a panel of experts who presented at the AAD 2019 Annual Meeting in Washington DC. We kicked off the series last week with Dr. Elizabeth (Lisa) Swanson's advice on how to treat and prevent bur …
Avoid Physician Burnout: “I Don’t Know” – The Sign of a Confident Doctor
Physician Burnout
by Bobbak (Bobby) Mansouri, MD, FAAD on
Avoid Physician Burnout “I don’t know.” It’s a phrase that is near and dear to my heart. In medical school, we were told it was the go-to phrase when we didn’t know the answer to a question. After all, we were medical students. How much could anyone really expect us to know? What is the diagnosis? “I don’t know.” What is the etiology? “I don’t know.” What is the first- …
Bringing Teledermatopathology to Malawi
An Interview with the Derm from the Heart Grant Awardees In 2015, Travis Morrell, MD, MPH and Ashley Hamstra, MD were awarded the Dermatologist from the Heart grant giving them the opportunity to bring a teledermatopathology lab to Malawi, Africa.   The Dermatologist from the Heart grant program is sponsored by La Roche-Posay and dedicated to young dermatologists committed to making their s …
5 Ways to Make Pediatric Patients Feel Comfortable
pediatric patient
by Next Steps In Derm Team on
1. Use child-friendly language. A blood pressure check could be “giving the arm a hug.” A swab could be a “silly tickle test.” 2. Biopsy ideas: Apply topical lidocaine under occlusion for 15-20 minutes before injection. Use buffered lidocaine (1:10 ratio of sodium bicarbonate to lidocaine). Suggestions for distraction: infants, use sweet-ease® sugar syrup on a pacifier; for o …
Tips for Improving Efficiency at Your Practice
improving efficiency
by Next Steps In Derm Team on
Part 2 of 2 Improving the efficiency at your practice will not only make the day flow more smoothly. But will also help to avoid any problems that could arise. This article continues the discussion on ways to promote consistency in the daily operations of your practice. Staff meetings should also take place periodically. This provides a structured forum to refine day-to-day operations. As well …