Skincare Mondays | Oat for Oncology Patients
by AveenoMD on
Dermatologic side effects are among the most frequent unexpected side effects of cancer treatments.1,2 Targeted therapies are associated with a lower incidence of systemic adverse events, but a higher incidence of dermatological AEs - including acneiform rash and pruritus.3 Skin toxicities can have a dramatic negative impact on QOL and overall success of treatment therapies.3 Skin toxicities oft …
Chronic Pruritus: How to Tailor Management Based on Underlying Cause and Patient Needs
chronic pruritus
by Freba Farhat, MD on
Wow! The ODAC Dermatology Conference in January 2022 highlighted the importance of conference attendance and the need for expert lectures on clinically relevant dermatologic topics.  We are in an era when basic sciences and translational research has direct correlation and impact on our therapeutic measures for patients. While it is refreshing to have so many options for patients’ treatment, it …
Prescribing Low-Dose Naltrexone for Skin Disease
Low-dose naltrexone (LDN) for skin disease
by James J. Contestable, MD on
Have you prescribed low-dose Naltrexone for skin disease?  Not sure why it works? Not sure how best to use it, or how to prescribe it? Feel like you could use more information to help you more safely and effectively utilize this medication? I myself utilize this medication for itch but have had mixed success.  Enter Dr. Bodemer and her recent lecture. During the 2020 Integrative Dermatology S …
JDD October Issue Highlights
Here are the issue highlights for the October issue of JDD! Characterizing how AD patients are currently treated may build a reference for future clinical research in Prescribing Patterns for Atopic Dermatitis in the United States.  A Global Review on the Risk Factors and Management of Early Atopic Dermatitis in Children Ages 0 to 2 Years Old explores early intervention in infants and you …