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Temporal Suspension Flap for Malar Defects
malar defects
BACKGROUND The upper lateral cheek bears unique and distinct local characteristics that are key features in facial aesthetics and functionality. Its main landmarks are the lower eyelid, the lateral canthus, and the temporal hairline. When contemplating treatment options for defects in this area, the surgeon should take into consideration the possible effects of the reconstructive method on the pr …
Keloid Treatment in Skin of Color: New Techniques & Pearls from the Experts
Keloid in SOC
by James J. Contestable, MD on
Depending on your comfort level with treating scars, you may feel hesitation when taking on treatment for patients with keloids – especially those with skin of color.  We all know keloids are more common in skin of color and we have most likely all treated these patients.  But how can we improve patient outcomes and limit side effects? During the 2020 Skin of Color Update, Drs. Maritza Pere …