Challenges Facing the Field of Dermatology: An Interview with Dr. Daniel Siegel
Daniel Siegel MDNext Steps in Derm author and Derm In-Review Advisory Council member, Dr. Cula Dautriche, reached out to Dr. Daniel Siegel, former president of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), to shed some light on some of the challenges facing the field of dermatology today. Dr. Siegel is currently the chair of the Council on Corporate, Community and Philanthropic Relations of the AAD and remains heav …
Daniel Siegel MD
Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Skin of Color: Crisis State
Sexually Transmitted Diseases SOC TedRosenAs one would expect, Dr. Ted Rosen’s session on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Skin of Color was engaging, informative, and shocking to many in the audience. During this 20-minute session, Dr. Rosen addressed the increasing rates of STDs in the United States and highlighted the alarming predominance in non-white ethnic groups. *Clinical pearls* from this session are bolded, underlined, …
Sexually Transmitted Diseases SOC TedRosen