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Multiple Halo Nevi Induced by Intense Sun Exposure
Halo NeviJDD authors  present the case of a 38-year-old male who reported to their practice with multiple newly developed halos around 26 existing nevi on his trunk. The halo nevi developed after the patient, who lived in the northeast, spent 2 months on a lake in Alabama, with intense heat and sun exposure. This case is remarkable in that it points to ultraviolet exposure as one instigating factor in the …
Halo Nevi
Skin Cancer and Photoprotection in People of Color
photoprotectionDuring the 2021 Skin of Color Update virtual conference, Dr. Maritza Perez opened her lecture by sharing her goal: to assess what is known about skin cancer and photoprotection in people of color. Dr. Perez is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, who commissioned a workforce to look into this subject. What is known about the epidemiology of keratinocyte carcinomas in people of color? …
Suncare Sunday: Sunburn Facts
sunburnOn this Suncare Sunday: Sunburn Facts, we share newly published data from the CDC showing sunburn incidence in adults and teens, sun exposure behaviors and sun protection basics: Sunburn incidence in adults remains high: 34% of adults report experiencing at least 1 sunburn each year1 Half were outside for more than 1 hour between 10 and 4 pm2 Only 5% reported they were tryin …