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Post-Residency Fellowships in Dermatology: An Increasing Demand
Heidi Prather Derm
As a resident in dermatology, one has made it through many critical achievements from MCAT scores to the STEP series, completing medical school to striving for that AOA class rank and finally matching into your next three years as a dermatology resident-in-training. Dermatology is a diverse field that requires an understanding of many subspecialties within its own training program. While the Ameri …
Physician-Industry Relationships: Roles for Physicians Part 2
industry relationship
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 In Part One of my article, I reviewed positions available to dermatologists within the pharmaceutical industry and shared advice on how one could explore these opportunities. For Part Two, I interviewed my friend and colleague, Dr. Anca Debu, who shared her experience as a dermatologist working for a mid-sized pharmaceutical company over the past 18 months. JJ: What drove your decision to w …
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Part 1 of 2 For physicians looking for opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of medicine, working with or within industry can be an exciting and rewarding career path. Unfortunately, during our medical training, we are seldom exposed to industry; moreover, the thought of leaving medicine and entering unfamiliar territory can seem scary and daunting. Knowing how or where to start can seem …
I Wish I Had Known: Questions to Ask Yourself
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I wish I had more seriously considered what mattered to me most in a job: Would it be a flexible schedule? Ability to do procedures? High pay? Working with excellent colleagues? Hiring my own staff? Having a relationship to a highly respected hospital or higher institution? I also wish I had known that when finally looking at my first contract, the most important part is how I would get out of …
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As someone currently immersed in this process, I have learned a few lessons along the way -- some old made new again and others understood for the first time. Each of us has a unique way of sorting through information and making decisions, and for many of us a constant inner dialogue develops inside our own minds throughout this process. Below are five lessons that I find helpful, but of which I …