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4 Tips for Approaching Patients with Psoriasis
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This article offers pearls that are often overlooked, but can make a big impact in the quality of care we provide to our patients with psoriasis. If all four are too difficult to include in your next clinic visit, focus on just one or two that you can you incorporate into your regular care of patients with psoriasis. 1. Psoriatic Arthritis We all know that 30% of psoriasis patients develop psori …
10 Steps to a Pleasant Interaction with Your Pediatric Dermatology Patient
pediatric dermatology
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The field of pediatric dermatology is wonderfully rewarding; however children do funny things when they are anxious, scared or sense strangers. The following are 10 tips I suggest to reduce the stress of a pediatric visit for your patients and yourself. Some of these I learned myself, some from mentors. 1. Address the child by their first name Make sure you know how to pronounce the name before …
Things to Remember When Treating Acne Patients
Female Acne
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Top things to remember when seeing acne patients: Expectations – remember acne is not just a disease of teenagers and can extend into adulthood, much more for females than males. It is very important to find out how much of a medication they are using and how frequently they are using it. Don’t make the treatment plan too complicated. I did this early on in my career and most patien …
How to Select Which Laser or Light Device to Buy for Your Practice Post Residency
laser light
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After residency, you might go into solo practice or join a group practice or academic/hospital based dermatology practice. You may find that you want to offer laser therapy to your patients, but aren’t sure where to start to find the best laser. In this article, I provide a few pearls on how to select which laser or light device to buy for your practice post residency. First, wait and see wh …
I Wish I Had Known: Cosmetic Dermatology
cosmetic dermatology
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My name is Dr. Elliot Battle, I am a cosmetic dermatologist in Washington DC. My advice to every resident and every future dermatologist is to take as much time as you did when you chose medical schools and residency programs to choose the right venue for your future. A lot of my colleagues choose the first job that was offered to them, we have such a broad choice now; from general to cosmetic …