I Wish I Had Known: Practice Management
Practice Management
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I wish I had known the most difficult matter for the newly-trained dermatologist is practice management. A huge part of practice management is personnel. It requires many years to develop and train a stable, capable support staff. There are many unsuccessful "try-outs." Some individuals may not have the necessary personal and professional skills, work ethic, or reliability. These individuals must …
Clinical Success and Ability to Build a Patient Base
Patient base Success
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Clinical success is a 2-step process. To have clinical success, first, you have to be confident in your skill set. If you trust in your own knowledge base and technical skills, you will exude confidence and competence during every interaction with your patients. Patients will believe in you because you believe in yourself,and they will keep coming back to you because they trust they are in good h …
The People Factor
People Appreciation
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"The one thing to emphasize more than anything-beyond productivity, sales, and what we do-is not forgetting the people factor. Your staff need to feel empowered and appreciated..." Leadership "Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example." "People don't leave bad practices, they leave bad leaders." Employee Retention "A great employee is a like a four-leaf clover, hard …