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Fractional Laser Resurfacing- Generational Dermatology™
fractional laser photo
by Vic. A Narurkar, MD on
Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Vic Nararkur, along with an extraordinary faculty of key opinion leaders, will be lecturing, among other topics, on age appropriate lasers and devices, optimizing injectables with combination therapies, neck and chest nonsurgical rejuvenation, and performing live patient injectable demonstrations at the upcoming Generational Dermatology™ Palm Springs Symposium …
ODAC Pearls: Hormonal Treatment Options for Acne—Dr. Bethanee Schlosser
hormonal treatment for acne
by Dr. Misty Eleryan on
PEARLS FROM THIS SESSION - collected by Misty Eleryan, MD We must remember that ALL acne is hormonally sensitive in females, so many patients could benefit from some form of hormonal therapy. Patients with hyperandrogenism, late-onset or persistent (greater than age 25yrs), prominence of acne on the lower face and neck, perimenstrual flare, comedonal acne with seborrhea, resistant to “conventio …
Optimizing Patient Interaction
Part 1 of 2 phra·se·ol·o·gy [frāzēˈäləjē] (noun): a mode of expression, especially one characteristic of a particular speaker or writer. Now that I have been an attending dermatologist for more than five years, I have had the opportunity to reflect upon what I wish I would have known as a resident and as a new attending physician. In my attempt to provide unique new insight …
How to Select Which Laser or Light Device to Buy for Your Practice Post Residency
laser light
by Next Steps In Derm Team on
After residency, you might go into solo practice or join a group practice or academic/hospital based dermatology practice. You may find that you want to offer laser therapy to your patients, but aren’t sure where to start to find the best laser. In this article, I provide a few pearls on how to select which laser or light device to buy for your practice post residency. First, wait and see wh …
Drs. Taub and Fried Discuss the Ethics in Cosmetic Derm – How Much is Too Much?
Richard Fried MD
We were asked to talk about ethics and the issue of when too much cosmetic is too much, and how we notice it and how we react to it. I believe that both of us see things in a similar way and that is there is the objective criteria and the gut criteria. For me the objective criteria or when someone comes in with a great deal of obvious augmentation whether it’s full face, whether it’s lip …