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It’s Mnemonic Monday! Hair Follicle Layers

On this Mnemonic Monday, we challenge you to remember the layers of the hair follicle from inner to outer -Medulla, Cortex, Cuticle, Huxley/Henly, Outer Root Sheath, and Glassy/Vitreous membrane with the following mnemonic:

My Cortex Cuts Huxley the Hen’s Outer Hair with Glass



Cut(s)- Cuticle

HuxleyHuxley’s layer

HenHenley’s layer

OuterOuter Root Sheathe

HairHair follicle

GlassGlassy membrane (connective tissue sheathe/vitreous membrane)

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Further Reading

Check out the following JDD article on today’s topic:

The Biology, Structure, and Function of Eyebrow Hair

Eyebrow hair serves many important biologic and aesthetic functions. This article reviews the structure and function of the hair follicle, as well as hair follicle morphogenesis and cycling. Eyebrow hair follicles share the same basic structure as hair follicles elsewhere on the body, but are distinguished by their shorter anagen (growing) phase. Knowledge of the hair follicle structure and cycle is important for understanding the pathophysiology of alopecia, as diseases affecting the stem cell portion of the hair follicle in the bulge region may cause permanent hair loss. Furthermore, therapeutic agents that target distinct phases and hormones involved in the hair cycle may be useful for promoting hair growth. Read the full article here.

J Drugs Dermatol. 2014;13(suppl 1):s12-s16.

Test your knowledge!

Which part of the hair follicle is the first to cornify?

A. Huxley’s layer of inner root sheath

B. Henley’s layer of inner root sheath

C. Outer root sheath

D. Medulla

E. Cuticle

To find out the correct answer and read the explanation, click here.

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