Atopic Dermatitis

Sleep Like a Baby: Integrative Tips for Sleep in Atopic Dermatitis
Dr. Vivian Shi
by InYoung Kim, MD, PhD on
Sleep is essential for our overall well-being and one of the pillars of atopic dermatitis management.  Unfortunately, we don’t learn or talk about this much in dermatology.  Don’t fret- Dr. Vivian Shi shares her integrative strategies for optimizing sleep in atopic dermatitis! Can you imagine what your life would be like if you weren't able to sleep well for more than 5 nights a week?  T …
JDD October Issue Highlights
Here are the issue highlights for the October issue of JDD! Characterizing how AD patients are currently treated may build a reference for future clinical research in Prescribing Patterns for Atopic Dermatitis in the United States.  A Global Review on the Risk Factors and Management of Early Atopic Dermatitis in Children Ages 0 to 2 Years Old explores early intervention in infants and you …
Dupilumab Treatment for Prurigo Nodularis and Pruritis
Prurigo Nodularis
Authors Ross Tanis MD MS, Katalin Ferenczi MD, and B Michael Payette MD MBAB present a case where they demonstrated that treatment of Prurigo Nodularis (PN) with dupilumab significantly decreased pruritis and the size and number of new lesions after 2 months of treatment. INTRODUCTION Prurigo nodularis is an intensely pruritic disease in which dome-shaped papulonodules result from chronic scr …
Cyclosporine Therapeutic Cheat Sheet
by Angelo Landriscina, MD on
Welcome to the next delivery of our series, Therapeutic Cheat Sheet, wherein we take a deep dive into the literature and guidelines to give you a quick reference on the use of new or complex therapies.  This series will become your go-to for information about dosing, potential interactions and laboratory monitoring, just to name a few.  Next up: Cyclosporine. Cyclosporine is a versatile and v …
Journal Review Series: January – March 2018
derm journals
by Ramya Kollipara, MD on
Derm In-Review Advisory Council Member, Dr. Ramya Kollipara, searched dermatology journals so that you don’t have to! She reports on important take-aways from different medical journals for the months of January, February, and March of 2018.  Find study tools and more like this at Derm In-Review. It is key to keep in mind that “important” is subjective and what is contained in this revie …