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Rituximab-Induced Alopecia Universalis in a Patient With Bullous Pemphigoid
Alopecia areata is a CD8+ T-lymphocyte driven autoimmune disorder leading to reversible hair loss. While most commonly presenting as isolated well-demarcated non-cicatricial alopecic patches on the scalp, subtypes of alopecia areata include alopecia totalis with loss of all scalp hair and alopecia universalis with complete loss of all body hair. Although primarily an idiopathic condition, several …
Hydroxychloroquine Therapeutic Cheat Sheet
Hydroxychloroquine Cheat Sheet
by Angelo Landriscina, MD on
Welcome back to another installment of Therapeutic Cheat Sheet – the series where we break down complex therapeutics into an easy-to-use reference.  This month, we turn our focus to hydroxychloroquine and other antimalarials. While this versatile class of drugs has been in use for decades, recent updates to monitoring recommendations have made their use easier than before. Here’s what you ne …