Laser Hair removal

Permanent Hair Removal for Gender Minority Individuals
by Dustin Marks, BS | Erica Dommasch, MD on
What are the unique indications for permanent hair removal in gender minorities? For transgender women and other gender minority people seeking a more feminine and/or androgynous appearance, the use of feminizing hormone therapy (e.g. estrogen + finasteride/spironolactone) does not fully eliminate facial and body hair.1  Many transwomen indicate the face as the most important body part for gend …
Patient Buzz Series: Dermatology Post-Quarantine
by Allison Sit on
EPI Health has graciously supported the COVID-19 News and Resource Center. As states begin easing restrictions, this month’s Patient Buzz includes several articles on how to care for the skin post-quarantine. Are mask-off injectable treatments safe for patients and providers? What skin, hair and nail concerns need an in-person visit, and what can be addressed virtually? How will COVID-19 for …
Integrating Laser Hair Removal Into Your Practice: Pearls and Pitfalls
Laser Hair Removal
Patients often desire the removal of hair for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Shaving, waxing, or chemical depilatories have traditionally achieved temporary hair removal. Electrolysis provides permanent hair removal of individual hairs. However, to reduce hair from large areas for extended periods of time, laser hair removal has become more mainstream. Below are pearls and pitfalls of laser ha …