A Practical Approach to Atypical Nevi
atypical neviDespite being one of the more common reasons for consulting a dermatologist, the diagnosis and management of atypical nevi remain nuanced and can often be challenging. I had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Jean Bolognia on her approach to atypical nevi, and walked away with many pearls to share. 1. Identify the patient’s signature nevus and come up with a plan. Sometimes it can be overwhelmi …
atypical nevi
Practical Dermoscopy – Part 1
dermascopyIntroduction Dermoscopy, also known as epiluminescence microscopy, epiluminoscopy or skin surface microscopy, is a noninvasive technique for examination of skin by using a high quality magnifying lens and powerful lighting system to visualize the skin (Figure 1). Although dermoscopy was initially used for the study of mainly pigmented lesions, in the past several years its utility in non-pigmen …