It’s Mnemonic Monday! Let’s Really Party Hard T(w)oNight
On this Mnemonic Monday, we challenge you to remember medications or activities associated with pseudoporphyria with the following mnemonic: Let’s Really Party Hard T(w)oNight Lasix (furosemide) Retinoids Pyridoxine Hemodialysis Thiazides Tanning beds NSAIDs Click HERE to print your mnemonic card. Study More! Need a refresher on Porphyria Cutanea Tarda (PCT) and pseudoporphyria? Che …
Methotrexate Therapeutic Cheat Sheet
Methotrexate injection for psoriasis
by Jessica Kalen, MD on
In this month’s installment of Therapeutic Cheat Sheet, we will review methotrexate and its use in dermatology. Methotrexate has been utilized as therapy for psoriasis and many other dermatologic conditions since its approval by the FDA in 1972.1 While an effective systemic agent for a multitude of dermatologic and non-dermatologic diseases, prescribers should be aware of the side effect profile …
Morphea Profunda Treated with AFT – A Case Report Interview
Morphea Profunda Treated with Adipose Fat Transfer (AFT)
by Kimberly Huerth, MD, M.Ed on
Morphea profunda. To the dermatologist, these words conjure images of hyperpigmented to violaceous, indurated, bound down atrophic plaques. We describe these lesions in our specialty’s vernacular, so that those we are conversing with can often surmise the diagnosis before even seeing the affected patient. But to the patient, it is the language of the diagnosis itself that has the most meaning. M …
Controversies in Pediatric Dermatology: Systemic Therapies
Controversies in Pediatric Dermatology
by Olivia Lai, MD on
Dr. Yasmine Kirkorian, Interim Chief of Dermatology at Children's National Health System and Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Pediatrics at the George Washington School of Medicine & Health Sciences, summarizes recent controversies in the field of pediatric dermatology regarding the usage of systemic therapies in children. This article will provide an overview of the following: …
Tales From the Office: An Elephant Never Forgets
Dermatology offices are full of activity and sometimes humorous or memorable stories unfold before us. Tales From the Office chronicles funny, crazy or interesting stories from dermatology offices across the nation. A psoriasis patient who'd had an excellent response to methotrexate, came in for his monthly follow up, but his rash was all back. He said he had stopped his pills. Inquiring as to …