DaxibotulinumtoxinA Therapeutic Cheat Sheet
by Alexis Carrington, MD on
Neurotoxins are the mainstay for multiple aesthetic and medical treatments. They are safe and effective treatment for rhytides, but are also temporary, requiring repeat injections about every 3-4 months.1,2 Now, a recently approved formulation of neurotoxin is fulfilling some patient’s desire for a longer lasting effect. Injection of daxibotulinumtoxinA is FDA-approved for treatment of moderate …
How to Start and Maintain an Aesthetic Practice | 10 Tips from the Expert
aesthetic practice
by Nishad Sathe, MD on
In today’s environment, the increasing consolidation of medical practices, the cost to finance, and the burden of administrative oversight create a challenge to start and maintain your own dermatology practice. This is particularly true when trying to start an aesthetic practice or medical spa. Here, we will learn from Dr. Eliot Battle, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of Cultura Der …
Evaluating and Treating Patients with Soft Tissue Fillers and Neuromodulators
fillers and neuromodulators
by Kimberly Huerth, MD, M.Ed on
Is beauty really in the phi of the beholder? Are the faces that conform to the phi mask, that perfectly display the golden ratio of 1.618, really the most beautiful faces among us? Should we be seeking to help our patients approach a mathematical definition of beauty, or should we be seeking to preserve, enhance, and celebrate that which is unique and distinctive in their features, and forget the …
Facial Anatomy: Pearls from a Master Injector
Facial Anatomy
by Nikhil Shyam, MD on
Dr. Susan Weinkle, an expert in the field of aesthetic and surgical dermatology, shares important anatomical concepts to consider when using neurotoxins and fillers safely. The face can be split into 3 zones – the upper 1/3rd, the middle 1/3rd and the lower 1/3rd. Knowing the important vessels and nerves in each zone as well as their corresponding depth in the skin is crucial in order to mini …