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Nutricosmetics and #DermTipTuesday with Dr. Brittany Carter-Snell
Nutricosmetics and Your Patients Looking for creative ideas to get your patients tuned into the connection between diet and healthier skin? Take a look at the #DermTipTuesday article by Dr. Carter-Snell as she introduces her patients to the concept of nutricosmetics and specific foods that are scientifically proven to benefit the skin.  Next Steps in Derm looks at Dr. Carter-Snell's and … Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Dr. Peter A. Lio, MD Talks Synergy
Peter A. Lio, MD of Medical Dermatology Associates of Chicago shares his thoughts with us on his recent JDD podcast. Read below, then listen to Combo is King: Therapeutic Synergy in Dermatology (scroll to the second row of recordings). If I am a resident, why should I listen to this podcast? As a resident, one quickly gets used to a steep learning curve, but it turns out that residency is on … Tags: , ,

ODAC Derm Expert Conference
Pearls of Wisdom From Thought Leaders at ODAC
As a resident thinking about how to move forward with your career, or a new practitioner getting off and running, would you like to know what special pearls of wisdom KOL's in the industry would share? Our nine Next Steps Correspondents had their ears to the ground at the 2017 ODAC Dermatology Aesthetic and Surgical in Miami. They asked ODAC faculty just that.  "I think that one of the mo … Tags: , , , , , ,

patient touch
Get Closer to Your Patient With Touch
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BENJAMIN BARANKIN, MD, FRCPC, FAAD discusses the importance and impact of appropriate patient touch. What We're Taught Our teachers warn us not to touch the patient throughout medical school, residency, and clinical practice. Medical societies regularly remind us of the importance of not touching our patients. That is, at least inappropriately. "While telling the patient it was not con … Tags: , , ,

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Phraseology: A Key Component for Optimizing Daily Clinical Practice
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Part 2 of 2 Last month in the first part of this article, I discussed aspects I have found helpful to optimize patient encounters at the start of their visit, starting from the moment I enter the room. Next is the physical examination component of the patient visit. You may wonder how communication plays a vital role in the physical exam portion of the visit. Before touching the patient, … Tags: , ,