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Physician advice: How to get patients to adhere to treatment protocols

In this article, Dr. Hayley Leight, onsite correspondent for the 2018 Skin of Color Seminar Series, now aptly named the Skin of Color Update, speaks with several well-known and respected thought leaders in skin of color dermatology. Drs. Valerie Callender, Hillary Baldwin and Maritza Perez all weigh in on how best to get patients to adhere to treatment protocols.

Dr. Valerie Callender – Connect with your patient. Develop a relationship—show compassion for the patient, show them that you care and that you genuinely want them to get better. That’s the key to success. Also, write out instructions clearly on a treatment sheet!

Dr. Hillary Baldwin – Spend a lot more time than you think you need explaining the treatment regimen to your patients. Always have them repeat it back to you. When your patients return to clinic, confront them and ask if they have been doing the treatments as recommended. Directly confronting patients will increase their likelihood of adherence. Also, ask your younger patients about adherence without the parents around—you will get more truthful answers this way!

Dr. Maritza Perez – My advice is to keep sample products in your office of what you like to recommend. Give the patients the sample to take with them when they leave your office. Write out the treatment regimen, separated clearly into AM and PM regimens and staple it to the bag of samples! Then, provide easy access to the products- either sell in your office or tell the patients where they can readily get them!

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