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Media Relations in Dermatology
media relations in dermatology
Becoming a media expert can help grow a dermatology practice. But how and where do you begin? In this 6-part series,  Allison Sit, public relations and communications expert, shares valuable advice on how to get started. Read each part of the series below: Part 1: Five Ways Media Relations Can Help You Build Your Practice Part 2: When to Hire An Agency Part 3: Six Steps to Develop a Med …
Patient Buzz Series: Old Wives’ Tales and Urban Legends
Patient Buzz
by Allison Sit on
This month’s Patient Buzz features a few old wives’ tales and urban legends in the care of the skin and hair. Does toothpaste work on pimples? Can essential oils improve psoriasis? Can castor oil help with hair growth? Be prepared for your patients’ questions by reviewing these dermatology articles from the consumer press: • Allure: Head lice treatment and prevention • Allure: Inf …
Ask the Expert with Dr. Joshua Zeichner – Q&A Recap
Dr. Joshua Zeichner
Next Steps readers had the opportunity to ask Dr. Joshua Zeichner questions on a variety of topics ranging from becoming a sought after media expert to delegating services to mid-level providers. See all his insightful answers below.  1) How did you build your press empire? Pretty much every article I come across in the consumer press has a quote, commentary, expert opinion from you. Any …
Perceptions in Dermatology Series – Part 2: How Do Other Doctors View Dermatologists?
Perceptions In Dermatology part 2
by Angelo Landriscina, MD on
In Part II of our series about perception of dermatologists, Dr. Angelo Landriscina explores how dermatology is viewed by physicians in other specialties, and how it might affect patient care.  Be sure not to miss “Perceptions in Dermatology Series – Part 1: How Does the Public View Dermatology?”. Once I learned about the data showing how the lay public views dermatology, I couldn’t he …
I Wish I Had Known: How to Find Your Niche in Dermatology
dermatology niche
I approached dermatology residency like a Las Vegas buffet. Mesmerized by the wide variety, I dove in head first and filled my plate with everything in sight. My mentors were a bit bemused (or perhaps just exasperated) when at various points I seriously considered applying in pediatrics, procedural, and dermatopathology fellowships. Most residents have a diverse array of interests and talents, so …