Patient Buzz Series: Old Wives’ Tales and Urban Legends

This month’s Patient Buzz features a few old wives’ tales and urban legends in the care of the skin and hair. Does toothpaste work on pimples? Can essential oils improve psoriasis? Can castor oil help with hair growth?

Be prepared for your patients’ questions by reviewing these dermatology articles from the consumer press:

• Allure: Head lice treatment and prevention
• Allure: Infections and allergies from older tattoos
• Allure: Skin type myth
• Allure/Yahoo! Lifestyle: Pain management post-plastic surgery
• Cosmopolitan: Can castor oil help with hair growth?
• Cosmopolitan: Does toothpaste work on pimples?
• Cosmopolitan: How Reddit is creating at-home dermatologists
• Health: Essential oils for psoriasis
• HuffPost: 12 overrated skin care products
• HuffPost: How to treat cystic acne
• INSIDER: Beer shampoo
• InStyle: What dermatologists wish you knew about anti-aging treatments
• InStyle/Yahoo! Lifestyle: Folliculitis
• Martha Stewart/Yahoo! Lifestyle: What dermatologists never do to their faces
• Martha Stewart/Yahoo! Lifestyle: How to lengthen eyelashes
• Martha Stewart/Yahoo! Lifestyle: Dermatologists’ facial care tips
• Marie Claire: Skincare confessions
• New Beauty: Guide to azelaic acid
• Prevention: 8 ways to make your nails grow faster
• Prevention:  Does light therapy work?
• Prevention: Home remedies for itchy skin
• Prevention: Jojoba oil benefits for the skin and hair
• Refinery29: Risks of at-home chemical peels
• SELF:  8 causes of adult acne and how to treat
• SELF: 9 tips for managing a psoriasis flare-up
• SELF: Acne causes
• SELF: Cortizone shots for acne
• SELF: What an online dermatologist can do
• StyleCaster: What not to mix with vitamin C
• TODAY: Tips to reduce skin redness and inflammation
• Vogue: Rosacea treatments
• Well + Good: Sebum plugs
• Yahoo! Lifestyle: 8 remedies for teen acne

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