How to Build Your Injectable Business
injectible business
Part 1 of 2 Building a cash-based cosmetic injectable practice is daunting at first because there is so much competition. This three-part series will give you a roadmap for preparing yourself and your practice to be a successful top-tier cosmetic practice. Keep in mind that consistency and patience are crucial for success. Most de novo practices take about five years to develop into thriving cosm …
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1. Focus on technologies that have a high likelihood of success in common conditions. 2. Have one room where you focus on many devices in the same space so that you can deliver the full buffet of services without moving the patient. 3. Steer people away from procedures that offer little benefit, even if they've read about them in magazines. 4. It’s a bad idea to buy technologies that ar …
I Wish I Had Known: Cosmetic Dermatology
cosmetic dermatology
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My name is Dr. Elliot Battle, I am a cosmetic dermatologist in Washington DC. My advice to every resident and every future dermatologist is to take as much time as you did when you chose medical schools and residency programs to choose the right venue for your future. A lot of my colleagues choose the first job that was offered to them, we have such a broad choice now; from general to cosmetic …