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I Wish I Had Known: Cosmetic Dermatology
cosmetic dermatology
by Next Steps In Derm Team on
My name is Dr. Elliot Battle, I am a cosmetic dermatologist in Washington DC. My advice to every resident and every future dermatologist is to take as much time as you did when you chose medical schools and residency programs to choose the right venue for your future. A lot of my colleagues choose the first job that was offered to them, we have such a broad choice now; from general to cosmetic …
The Importance of Running a Team Oriented Practice and Cultivating Cultural Awareness
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Cultural awareness is an important part of your new practice.  When starting your practice, it’s most important to remember that it’s hard. It’s hard to start making decisions for your patients, you will wake up at night thinking about your patients, you will spend long hours making sure that one medication was given the right way. You will train your staff to be part of a team—a …