Derm Topics

April JDD Issue Highlights

Here are the issue highlights and Editor Picks for the April issue of JDD:
Dermatologists respond regarding the impact of COVID-19 and examine the potential impact of drugs on susceptibility and severity of infection in Is the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic an Indication to Temporarily Modify Dermatological Management Plans?
Treatment of Plaque Psoriasis With an Excimer Laser Utilizing an Optimal Therapeutic UVB Dose Protocol evaluates the effect of the excimer laser on plaque psoriasis using an OTD protocol.
LED of various wavelengths may be efficacious to treat age-related skin changes in Light Emitting Diode Phototherapy for Skin Aging.
Combining suspension threads with MFU is safe and results in greater efficacy in Safety of Combining Facial Lifting with Suspension Threads and Microfocused Ultrasound With Visualization.
The Effect of a Ceramide-Containing Product on Stratum Corneum Lipid Levels in Dry Legs explores the relationship between the improvement in the signs of dry skin and the amounts of ceramides in the SC.
Patient-reported improvements in psoriasis and satisfaction with psoriasis treatment should be considered along with traditional clinical measures when as­sessing patients in Evaluation of Patient-Reported Outcomes With Etanercept in Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Patients After Therapy With Apremilast.
Recapture Rate of Brodalumab in Patients With a Lapse in Treatment discusses the efficacy and safety of brodalumab and other biologic therapies in patients with psoriasis who stop and restart treatment.
Rapid and sustained efficacy vs ve­hicle after 8 weeks was found where the leg was identified as the target lesion in Halobetasol Propionate 0.01%/Tazarotene 0.045% Lotion for Moderate-to-Severe Psoriasis: Pooled Phase 3 Analysis of Lower Extremities.
Developing a Topical Adjunct to Injectable Procedures outlines the scientific process and validation of a product designed to encompass both symptomatic and adjunctive purposes.
Thread Lifts: A Critical Analysis of Treatment Modalities evaluates the efficacy, safety, and cost effectiveness of commonly used threads for facial lifting and rejuvenation.
Deposition and Retention of Hair Care Product Residue Over Time on Specific Skin Areas evaluates and visualizes the deposition of both rinse-off and leave-in hair care products.
Treating Field Cancerization by Ablative Fractional Laser and Indoor Daylight: Assessment of Efficacy and Tolerability assesses if ablative fractional laser combined with indoor daylight photodynamic therapy are effective and safe for the treat­ment of skin field cancerization associated with AK.
Dermatologists must consider the impact of cash pharmacies on their patients in The Cash Pharmacy Model May Effectively Lower Prescription Drug Prices.
There is limited data on the extent to which dermatologists ad­minister the HPV vaccine despite relevance to practice in A Survey Study of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Practices by Dermatologists.
Current FDA guidelines for lidocaine use in Mohs micro­graphic surgery (MMS) do not account for the lengthy duration of MMS in Is It Time to Redefine Lidocaine Administration Guidelines in Mohs Surgery?