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Poster Interview: Clinical Efficacy and Tolerability of a Hydroquinone-Free and Retinol-Free Topical Brightening Serum on Females with Facial Melasma

At the Skin of Color Seminar Series (now Skin of Color Update) held on May 5th in New York City, SkinMedica® researchers presented a poster detailing the clinical efficacy of a novel hydroquinone-free and retinol-free topical brightening serum on facial melasma. This 12-week, single center, clinical usage study evaluated thirty female subjects with mild to severe facial hyperpigmentation due to melasma, self-perceived to be due to prior pregnancy. The patients used Lytera® 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum (LYT2) two times daily with sunscreen in the morning and moisturizer in the evening. The outcome measures at weeks 4,8, and 12 showed statistically significant results in improvement of overall hyperpigmentation and Melasma Area and Severity Index (MASI) when compared to baseline. Additionally, improvement in the Melasma quality of life (MelasQol) score was seen at week 12 compared to baseline. The product was well tolerated with high rates of patient self-perceived efficacy.

Next Steps in Derm was thrilled to speak to one of the academic researchers, Dr. Tsing Cheng, to learn more about the novel LYT2 and how we can incorporate this product into our daily dermatology practice.

There were many positive effects of LYT2 seen in the study. What information do you hope our conference attendees took away from your poster?

LYT2 is a hydroquinone-free and retinol-free topical non-prescription cosmetic treatment product that is clinically effective, safe and tolerable, and that can be used to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation including melasma, and to improve quality of life in patients.

Would you recommend the use of LYT2 in combination with a hydroquinone or a retinol product if a patient has severe melasma and wants to see quicker results as compared to using LYT2 alone? 

In a split-face study, LYT2 has been shown to have a similar cosmetic effect in reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation compared to 4% hydroquinone with visible results as early as 2 weeks. It could be used as an alternative to 4% hydroquinone or as adjuvant to hydroquinone and/or other treatment options (e.g. chemical peels, laser, etc.).

This study was performed over a 3-month time period. Using LYT2, do you believe the melasma will continue to improve with longer treatment courses?

LYT studies have been performed over a 3-month period. Theoretically, patients could expect continuous improvements beyond 3 months, although a plateau in result would be reached eventually where continuous use of LYT2 would maintain the achieved result.

Given this is a hydroquinone free and retinol free treatment, can patients use this indefinitely as prevention and/or maintenance for their melasma?

Patients can use LYT2 indefinitely to help to prevent skin discoloration and/or maintain treatment results.

What information can you give us on how dermatologists can go about obtaining/selling LYT2, and how can patients go about obtaining the LYT2?

LYT2 (known as Lytera® 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum) is a non-prescription cosmetic treatment product from SkinMedica®, a professional, physician-dispensed skincare line that is available through select dermatologists and other aesthetic specialists.

How do you hope this information impacts physicians’ decisions regarding treating their patients with melasma?

LYT2 is a clinically effective, safe and tolerable topical non-prescription cosmetic treatment product that can be used to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation including melasma. Melasma is a type of skin discoloration that is multifactorial in nature, can be difficult to treat, and negatively affects the quality of life in patients. The clinical study in patients with pregnancy-induced melasma provides further support that LYT2 can be used to effectively treat melasma as well as to improve the quality of life in these patients.